Why With Code Xinh?

No hibizibi 10 pages of rules, Code Xinh is the ideal marketplace to sell your scripts, and here’s why…

Get More Exposure with Your Free Item

Submit your free template or any script and get more exposure on your work. Simply keep price field blank when you submitting your item if you want to distribute it for Free.

Earn $300 bounty on free item

Submit your free theme or any script, Earn $300 bounty every month. We have decided to select top 3 items as bounty winner on the last days of every month, bounty amounts are $125, $100 and $75.

Non-Exclusive Selling

What you selling is your own code, you have full freedom to search your best option and sale where ever you want. We offer the same payment rates whether you sell exclusively with us or not.

Better Payment Rates

We know you worked hard so we want to see your smiley face, not sweaty forehead. So whatever you sell, you will get straight 75%.

Get Paid Anytime You Want

No fixed pre-defined payment schedule from us, Get paid anytime you want. Payout request will be processed with 48 hours.